is a product created by millennials that redefines the way people move. Born out of frustration with underhand estate agent tactics and the feeling that there must be a better way.


Jonathan Kim

JK has been building delightful user experiences for over 5 years as a full stack developer. More recently he has been focussing on Product Management while consulting at a high end prop-tech startup. An Imperial College alumnus and an active member of the ReactJS community, he is also a lover of single malt whisky.

Jonathan Webster

Jonathan is a consultant software engineer with experience working with Government Digital Services & Logistics. Most recently he was Technical lead of a 10 person project at the HomeOffice. Previous interest in startups having run businesses in e-commerce and publishing, catching the attention of Intel’s Global Challenge.

Toby Smith

Toby is a management consultant with nearly 5 years experience working in large scale projects for companies within banking, TMT and the charitable sector. Previous startup experiences include involvement in funding rounds for an iOS application and most recently been part of the strategic leadership team behind Advanced Workplace Associates rebrand and company strategy.